All Deals are available **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**
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Treasure Hunt Map
Treasure Hunt Coin Deals
In-Shop Deals

When: April 20th, 2022 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Location: Chronic Long Beach (1501 Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach, CA 90813)


  • CAM - Buy two (2) eighths, get an eighth for $1.00
  • Cannabiotix - Buy an eighth, get a pre-roll for $1.00
  • House Weed - Buy an eighth, get a Doozie infused pre-roll for $1.00
  • Lowell Farms - Buy an eighth OR a Smokes pre-roll pack, get a FREE ashtray (Limit 1 ashtray per member)
  • Sputnik - Buy two (2) pre-rolls OR a Moon Walkers infused pre-roll pack, get one pre-roll for $1.00

Buy One 1/8th, Get One 1/8th for $1.00:

  • Blem
  • Cream of the Crop
  • Ember Valley
  • Fig Farms
  • Glass House Farms
  • Goodsmoke
  • Honeydew Farms
  • Pacific Stone (Buy an 8th or 7g, get a promo 8th)
  • Sessions
  • Sputnik
  • Unrivaled


  • Raw Garden - Buy 1g, get 1g for $1.00
  • Sputnik - Buy 2g, get 1g for $1.00

West Coast Cure - Buy 2g, get 1g for $1.00


  • High N Mighty - Buy 1g, get 1g for $1.00
  • Plug Play - Buy 2g, get 1g for $1.00
  • Raw Garden - Buy 2g, get 1g for $1.00
  • Rove - Buy 1g, get 0.5g for $1.00 OR Buy 0.5g, get a Loud Drink for $1.00
  • Stiiizy - Buy 2g, get a STIIIZY eighth for $2.00

Vaporwave - Buy 1g, get 1g for $1.00


  • Big Pete’s - Buy a bag, get one 100mg cookie
  • Sensi - Buy any Sensi products, get a Hybrid Chew for $1.00

Buy One, Get One for $1.00:

  • Chef V
  • Highatus
  • Kushy Punch
  • Lucy Goosey
  • Queen Mary
  • Uncle Arnie’s
  • WYLD


  • Kan+Ade - Buy one mixer, get a 250mg mixer for $1.00


High N Mighty - Buy any topical, get a Sample Kit for $1.00

Treasure Hunt Coin Deals

All Hefty Coins are redeemable 7/10 & 7/11. Only one coin may be redeemed per person, per day.

(Must be 21+ to participate, only one coin per-person, per-day. All coins must be redeemed by end of day 4/20).

  • 50x Kings Garden 1g flower
  • 50x ROVE 0.5g Vape Cartridges
  • 50x Terraform 1g flower
  • 50x Ember Valley 1g pre-rolls
  • 50x Raw Garden Vape Batteries
  • 50x Big Pete's Treats Single Cookie
  • 50x Cannibiotix 1g pre-rolls
  • 50x Cannavis Syrup (25x 100mg, 25x 600mg)
  • 50x Heavy Hitter pre-rolls
  • 48x Humboldt Farms 1/8ths
  • 44x Cream of the Crop / West Coast Trading Company 1g flower
  • 30x Hammer Head pre-rolls
  • 20 x Hammer Head moonrocks
  • 10x Ember Valley EV Black 1/8ths
  • 10x PlugPlay Teal batteries
  • 6x COTC or WCTC 1/8th
  • Steep Dab Kits
  • Plus Chronic swag

Participating Brands

Flower & Edibles

Humboldt Farms

Buy one 1/8th, get one for $1

Kushy Punch

Buy one, get one for $1

Camino by KIVA

Buy one pack of gummies, get one for $1



15% off All Concentrates

Happy 710! Enjoy 15% off all concentrates!


Buy two 1g concentrates, get a Steep Dab Kit (10 Available)

Plug Play

Buy one vape cartridge, get a battery for $1

Jetty Cartridges

Buy one vape cartridge, get one for $1


Buy protab, get 3 pack sample pack for $1

Friendly Farms

Buy one 1g concentrate or 1 vape cartridge, get another of the same product for $1

Bear Labs

Buy one 1g concentrate, get 0.5g concentrate for $1

Royal Dab

Buy one 1g concentrate, get Cherry Pie Crumble 1g for $1

Raw Garden

Buy two 1g concentrate, get Sauce 1g for $1