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Pretty Pape$

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Pretty Pape$

Long Beach, CA - Some artists can sing, some can rap, some can do a little bit of both. Pretty Pape$ can proudly say he does it all. From production, writing, engineering& mixing Pape$ is one of those artists who you can leave in the studio by himself and he’ll walk out the studio with a hit. Pape$ knows his talent will only get him so far, that’s why he’s leaned on his consistency to make a name for himself. Since he started dropping music Pretty Pape$ hasn’t taken a year off, consistently dropping singles, EP’s& albums annually. In 2020 it seems all his hard work is really starting to pay off as his 2019 single “Boomin” has begun to make its round on Tik Tok. It all started when theBoston Celtics used “Boomin” on an Instagram Reels video and within a week th eofficial account for the NBA, NFL, CBS Sports, Saints, Ravens & more have used“Boomin” on Tik Tok. Within a week the song has generated over 20 million views from verified accounts on Tik Tok and it's only just starting.