A Tourist’s Guide to Getting High in Long Beach

We Love Long Beach
January 19, 2022

Long Beach, California: the home of great cannabis connoisseurs, filled with iconic locations to enjoy a true Southern California experience. If you're looking to make the most of your adventures in Long Beach, consider rolling a joint and checking out the best local hangouts. 

Many cannabis devotees agree that top-quality cannabis adds to someone’s overall experience, and since the state of California has formally legalized cannabis, your marijuana buzz doesn’t have to coincide with run-ins with law enforcement.

Because Long Beach is packed with cool locations to chill out and vibe, we’ve made it a point to outline some can’t-miss locations. And whether you’re a Long Beach local or simply visiting, there’s no need to search for a “dispensary near me,” because at Chronic, we’ve got you covered.

Can I get high anywhere in Long Beach?

Tourists tend to misinterpret news articles about state cannabis laws. Some may assume that cities like Long Beach are free-for-all weed havens (they are not).

Since marijuana is legal within the state, it is easy to think that there are no consequences to getting high in California, but much like any other place in the United States, there are specific regulations outlined within the law. Regardless of the fact that there are dispensaries all over the city, it’s wise to follow the rules.

There are actually a few restrictions on cannabis use in California. The following guidelines are good to know before you spark that joint on Pine Avenue.

  • It is illegal to consume cannabis in public. Make sure you light up in your apartment or cannabis-friendly hotel.
  •  It is illegal to bring cannabis products across state lines. Do not buy cannabis in California and bring it to another state.
  • Individuals must be 21 or older to buy, possess, or use cannabis.        
  • Cannabis cannot be given or sold to anyone under the age of 21.    
  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal.    
  • Consuming cannabis in any form on state-owned land and national parks is illegal.

Where can I make the most of my high?

To keep things easy, we’ve chosen three top locations in Long Beach to enjoy on your next visit. 


Chronic Long Beach Dispensary

To start your Long Beach adventure, make your first stop Chronic Long Beach Dispensary. Conveniently located and home to a wide variety of products and a friendly, knowledgeable staff, Chronic LB is a great introduction to the Long Beach community.

Chronic LB strives to provide the best quality products, as well as safe and natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs for those seeking medicinal treatments. If you're in search of an inclusive and informative cannabis purchasing experience, come say hello. We’re happy to serve you.

Bluff Park

After you’ve chosen your products and enjoyed a smoke sesh, head to Bluff Park. Bluff Park covers approximately 12 acres of land, making it the perfect place to lay out under a shady tree and enjoy the gorgeous Southern California climate. 

At Bluff Park, visitors will find a hive of activity. There are tons of options for visitors that like to stay active including paths for jogging or walking, and green spaces to exercise or roll out your yoga mat. People watching is prime at this park; observe skateboarders tearing it up, and sightseers and bird watchers gazing into the distance with binoculars. There is an undeniable tranquility among the buzz, which is perfect for enjoying a soothing high. You can even join a free yoga practice that happens every day at 11am called Yoga on the Bluff.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquariums boast a kaleidoscope of colors for any onlooker. The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the largest aquariums in North America, offering visitors a plethora of moments to gaze awestruck into the vast blue tanks featuring hundreds of species of marine life. Visitors will see tanks filled with fish, sharks, and jellyfish floating by underwater currents along colorful reefs. If you find yourself in Long Beach, a trip to the aquarium is highly recommended. Plus, visitors to the aquarium will learn about the complex ecosystems living under the blue waters of our coastline. The Aquarium of the Pacific is an easily accessible stoner’s delight.

No matter where you decide to venture to while you’re in Long Beach, a trip to Chronic LB Dispensary offers top-quality weed products in a community-centric, friendly environment. Make the most of a day in Long Beach with Chronic.