Cali Vibes Celebrates Long Beach and Cannabis

At Chronic LB, we’re down to amplify any and all things coming out of our beloved city of Long Beach and that includes the Cali Vibes festival. Cali Vibes is a reggae festival celebrating music and cannabis located in Long Beach, and a major highlight of the festival was the legal consumption of cannabis on-site. 

Whats the deal with Cali Vibes?

After two years of surviving a pandemic and social distancing, the event was memorable, featuring acts from several renowned artists including Sean Paul, The Marley Brothers, Rebelution, Sublime, and Shaggy. Kaleo Wassman, musician and member of the band Pepper, gave a speech which was covered by the High Times with a tone that resonated with the general mood in the environment: it was dope to be among friends, smoking weed and listening to great music.


Wassman emphasized this feeling by addressing the crowds, “Kaleo Wassman of Pepper from the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s so wonderful to know that these kinds of events, opening up and being successful like it is now, gives us so much momentum to go into the next festivals that we get to do. This is just a beautiful situation after what we’ve gone through over the past few years. This is a festival filled with hope because honestly, a lot of people have not been able to gather in this kind of sense with the community that this genre has.” At Chronic LB, we couldn’t agree more.


Events like Cali Vibes foster a deeper community bond in the Long Beach area - something that’s been missing over the past two years of pandemic social distancing. The city of Long Beach and the state of California is known for its world-class theater scenes, love for all genres of music, and festivals, and we’re stoked that Long Beach is becoming a hub for all of these great events.

Events like Cali Vibes brings the community together

We believe that Cali Vibes was just what Long Beach needed after a treacherous two years. The festival which was sponsored by Weedmaps and presented by Goldenvoice, AEG was open to all ages and took place at the Marina Green Park in Long Beach for three days. For the first time, a festival this large did not include cannabis under its prohibited list of substances, which led to the consumption of cannabis among the 75,000 guests present at the festival. It was a memorable, grand scale sesh.

A festival for weed smokers 

The COO of Weedmaps, Juanjo Feeinjo spoke to High Times regarding Cali Vibes. He emphasized the effects of open cannabis consumption on the growing cannabis industry in California. Feeinjo said “ We are always looking for creative ways to engage with the cannabis community and were delighted to be able to work with AEG and the Cali Vibes team to create a destination for consumers to learn about cannabis and cannabis brands safely while having fun. We can’t wait to continue to evolve this concept and bring it to more and more venues and festivals across the U.S.”

At Chronic, we’re dedicated to Long Beach

At Chronic LB Dispensary, we take pride in promoting unity in Long Beach. As one of Long Beach’s medical cannabis dispensaries for over a decade, Chronic LB Dispensary has served the city of Long Beach and actively advocates for the community through our participation in the Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA).


At Chronic LB, we understand the importance of a good customer-consumer relationship, so we give our customers all the respect and attention that you deserve through our community involvement. Overall, we feel that Cali Vibe’s major success is simply a reflection of the growing support that the community of Long Beach is showing for cannabis consumption overall. Not to mention, the festival also acted as a huge economic boost to our local economy. All the more reason to support the festival’s ongoing success.

Next time you’re in Long Beach, find Chronic LB on the Westside of Long Beach. At Chronic LB, we’re on a mission to serve the community, and with that, the community events that support safe cannabis consumption.

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