How to Find the Best Dispensary in Long Beach

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January 19, 2022

In Long Beach, California, there are several options for buying legal recreational cannabis, but to ensure you’re choosing the right place, consider a few main points before picking a dispensary near you.

At Chronic, we want our Long Beach community to easily access the best quality cannabis products, so we’ve outlined a basic checklist to guide your way to finding the best dispensary in Long Beach.

Points To Consider Before Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary

Before you start looking for the “best dispensary in Long Beach,” or “dispensary near me,” keep in mind a few key points.

Stepping into a cannabis store can be overwhelming for newbies, especially since there is such a large range of products to choose from. By choosing the right cannabis store, you will spend your money wisely and feel great about your purchases.

Best Product Quality And Variety


Not all dispensaries offer a great selection of high-grade weed products. When purchasing cannabis, it’s always best to choose product quality over quantity. Even though a super cheap eighth may seem appealing, use discernment to question why that price is so low. There are tons of products on the legal market - everything from flower, edibles, topicals, concentrates, infused beverages and more. Top quality products don’t have to break the bank, but they won’t be super cheap, either.


Products should clearly display labels outlining their contents. This includes the percentage of THC or CBD, and whether or not an item is “full spectrum”. A dispensary’s staff should be knowledgeable about their products to guide customers to the best products or brands for their personal needs. Both of these factors together make it easy for customers to choose the right potency, blend, or delivery method. In general, the quality and price of cannabis products are directly related. Always look for a dispensary that offers the right balance.

A Convenient Location

For most customers, the location and proximity of a dispensary are important factors. Usually, customers pick one dispensary that they visit regularly. If you are a medical patient with special needs or limited mobility, traveling a long distance may not be feasible for you. Look for a dispensary that offers hassle-free home deliveries or curbside pick up.

Customer Experience

It is always best to seek out a shop where the budtenders have been trained and educated on the store’s products, so they can accurately answer your queries. It’s also nice when employees are friendly and hospitable. Shopping at a dispensary where you feel welcome is a much better overall experience. An inviting environment with friendly and knowledgeable staff is the best combination.


Community-Driven Business

The top cannabis dispensaries care for the community and set the right standards in terms of social responsibility. Choose dispensaries that are compassionate and care for the well-being of their patients and customers, as well as the planet.

The Best Dispensary in Long Beach

The vibrant city of Long Beach boasts of a variety of attractions for people of all interests. It will surely not disappoint cannabis-lovers, either. If you’re looking for a compassionate, community-oriented dispensary, look no further than Chronic.

Chronic ensures the highest quality of legal, regulated cannabis products. We stock a  wide variety of products suited for connoisseurs, as well as first-time buyers.


Our dispensary has a customer-friendly ambiance and welcomes all consumers - no matter what your background or knowledge of cannabis is. It is in a convenient location on the west side of Long Beach and a short distance from Silverado Park.


Chronic has made it a point to embed ourselves into the Long Beach community to promote the safe use of cannabis. As a founding member of the Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA), we actively promote the safe use of cannabis for medical purposes and work to improve the lives of our community through accessible plant-based medicines.


If you are looking for a premium weed shopping experience in Long Beach, stop by Chronic Dispensary.