Skate Culture and Cannabis: A Global Phenomenon

It’s no secret that cannabis and skate culture go hand-in-hand. In Long Beach, one of the global epicenters of skate culture, we know our weed. At Chronic LB, we seek to elevate cannabis culture and skate culture by sponsoring skate events in the area, sponsoring our Chronic Athletes, and keeping our dispensary community based and community driven. We offer high quality weed to our Long Beach community because that’s what you deserve: the best weed out there.

So what’s the deal with skating and weed? Well, there’s a long history there, and we’re all for it. We took the streets and asked around to see what our local community members thought about the subject.

Skating and weed, a love story

Long Beach and Southern California have greatly impacted skate culture globally and cannabis is part of that influence. We did a little digging in the community to get a better idea of how skate culture and cannabis have impacted each other. It seems it’s been a mutually beneficial relationship. “South Beach and Southern California are interwoven into the DNA of skateboarding,” Job, a seasoned skater, said. “Weed is also very much part of the skateboarding culture, and without its influence and that of this place, the skating scene wouldn’t be what it is.”

Today, skateboarding has moved from being a neighborhood hobby in California to now being a worldwide phenomenon. Die-hard skaters and skating fans can exist anywhere from Sao Paulo to Helsinki. “Skating and smoking cannabis is something we all share in common in this community. I know if I move from here to, let’s say, California with my board. I am certain within a few minutes of getting there. I would meet someone else with a board that I can share a blunt with,” said Camila from Sao Paulo.

Chronic and the LBCA

Besides selling safe, high-quality, legal cannabis products, Chronic LB has gone one step further to ensure the responsible use of its products by partnering with LBCA. The Long Beach Collective Association is a registered public charity that deals with advocacy work of the responsible use of cannabis…and they are working with skaters to spread their message and ensure the safe and responsible use of cannabis in the skating world.

The LBCA educates the public about cannabis prohibition, its benefits, and supports communities they serve in the Long Beach area in several different ways. “Cannabis has long been used to marginalize some minority communities in the United States. But now that it’s legal, I hope we can all come together as a community behind this cause and use this opportunity to right some of those wrongs,” said Carol, an LBCA member. “Cannabis has received a bad wrap over the years, and we are working with organizations in our community such as skaters to ensure that the stigmatization is gone.”

We’re proud of our relationship with the LBCA. The partnership between us at Chronic LB and the LBCA has seen people affected by biased drug laws receive support, and we vow to do more. We are also continuing our advocacy work with skating community members in the Long Beach area to disseminate the correct information on cannabis use.

“With the initiative we have undertaken, with athlete influencers such as Karen the Karrot, our community is going to be educated on the truth about cannabis. And we are going to present a united front to ensure no community ever gets marginalized on this front again,” said one of our team members. “Skating is a big part of California and a big part of what we are trying to achieve at Chronic LB.”

Skaters wipe out, cannabis helps with recovery

Cannabis has been a part of skating from the start, and skaters from the old and even new generations swear by its unique properties. “The possibility of making out with the concrete is always open, and when it happens, it’s not because you intend it to. It just happens. And I think it goes without saying, but when it happens, it's swift and painful,” said Oscar.

Cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties help skaters deal with the painful effects that follow every hardcore skater. We get it - skating is hard, and it comes with a few scratches and bruises, and the skateboarding community and Chronic LB stand by cannabis’ ability to ease those pains.

Skateboarding and the Olympics?

With skateboarding now part of the Olympics, skaters have one more stage to get excited about, but as we found out, reactions were mixed because of the Olympics tough stance on cannabis and drug testing. “I am not peeing in a cup. The Olympics need to realize that we need cannabis just like other athletes need prescribed pain killers. I would rather smoke cannabis and miss the Olympics than go to the Olympics and get a prescription of who knows what,” stated a local skater named Oscar.

“I think the Olympics is a great idea. Finally, they have taken notice of this sport that we've been trying to convince them is a sport for years, and I am excited to try out for my country,” said local skater Jenna.

Chronic LB Dispensary

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