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CANNABIOTIX - Cereal Milk Live Resin - 0.5g - Vape

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Bred by Limited Trees Genetics, Cannabiotix Cereal Milk is an offspring of two award-winning strains, Strawberry Lemonade and Thin Mints. True to its name, the flavor profile on this unique flower resembles that of the milk left over after eating a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries. Perfect anytime of day smoke, this hybrid checks all the boxes. Like all CBX Live Sauce cartridges, this one has amazing natural flavor and hits like a velvet hammer. Cannabiotix's strain specific sauce carts contain 100% sauce and are completely free of any distillate, cutting agents, or artificial terpenes. These carts are created through a 6 week slow purge separation process in which they isolate an extracted strain's Terpene fraction from its cannabinoids. They then combine and homogenize the two fractions together with the goal of creating an artisan vaping experience that delivers a full flower flavor, true to the strain.