KIVA - Sour Apple Dosidos Lost Farm Gummies - 100mg - Edible

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10mg THC per piece | 100mg THC total in 10 pieces Infused with Do-Si-Dos Lost Farm Fruit Chews and Gummies are strain-specific, plant-based confections made with 100% live resin. These edibles immortalize the fresh cannabis plant and harmoniously combine it with fruit flavors that enhance each strain’s unique profile. The result is a full-sensory, ultra-fresh, and extra-strength edible Strain Notes: The descendant of the infamous GSC and Face Off OG, this indica-dominant hybrid strain features an overly sweet, almost pungent earthiness accented with aromatic floral notes. Flavor Notes: The doughy, nutty notes of the Do Si Dos strain mellow out the juicy, refreshingly tart flavor of green apple for a uniquely delicious gummy experience.