CANNABIOTIX - Blue Flame OG Terp Sugar - 1g - Concentrate image 1


CANNABIOTIX - Blue Flame OG Terp Sugar - 1g - Concentrate

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This mutant runt of our award-winning Thicc Mint Cookies crossed with our Private Reserve OG is one of the most unique flavors of the CBX Genetic Library, spawning cult classics such as our award winning Kush Mountains and Casino Kush. A potent smoke for the experienced smoker, this true pressure OG will have you wiping the sweat from your forehead after just a couple hits and a heavy headed high that will have your eyes feeling extra droopy as you take a soothing, sedating, and tranquil journey through the history of true old school California Kush. Sticky and resinous with unique hints of aquamarine coloring, these dense glistening gems of pure fire have very little leaf for maximum roll up potential and can help with insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain.