KUSHY PUNCH - Kiwi Breeze Sativa Gummies - 100mg - Edible

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Enjoy an invigorating burst of tropical paradise with Kushy Punch's Kiwi Breeze Gummies! These sensational treats are infused with a sativa extraction, offering fast-acting effects that will uplift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed. Each bite is like savoring the juiciness of a perfectly ripe kiwi, creating a tropical oasis of taste in your mouth. Kushy Punch's Kiwi Breeze Gummies are designed for those seeking a quick and energizing experience. Say goodbye to sluggishness and hello to a renewed sense of vitality. Immerse yourself in the tropical flavors, embrace the fast-acting sativa effects and let the Kiwi Breeze take you on an exhilarating journey. It's time to refresh, revitalize, and experience the uplifting power of sativa in a delicious gummy form. 10mg THC per piece, 100mg total THC.