EMERALD BAY - Pink Truffle Indica Tablets 10pk - 1000mg - Capsule

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Decription Introducing the harmonious Pink Truffle, where euphoria dances with happiness and relaxation take center stage. This extraordinary strain hits all the right notes. Patients sing praises of Pink Truffle’s ability to unlock a serene and blissful state. It’s like attending a concert where stress, insomnia, and pain are drowned out by soothing melodies. When the weight of the world becomes too heavy, Pink Truffle offers a symphony of relief. Designed for evening use, Pink Truffle orchestrates deep relaxation and invites a euphoric serenade. Let it be the soundtrack to your tranquil nights, as you embark on a journey of pure contentment. Strain dossier A cross of Pink Kush and Truffle, Pink Truffle is known just as much for its soporific indica effects as its connoisseur flavor profile, which runs the gamut from cream to vanilla to berry. An ideal remedy for both trouble sleeping and its common causes — anxiety and stress — Pink Truffle is the perfect strain to choose as your companion for nighttime wind-down activities or to keep by your pillow throughout the night. Applicable conditions Pink Truffle is like many indicas in its ability to make you feel sleepy, but few indica strains make you feel as good about winding down as Pink Truffle. This strain will help you both get to sleep and stay asleep by eliminating anxieties for the morning and erasing stress from the previous day. Pink Truffle makes you feel better about life overall, providing stress reduction benefits that carry over to the next day’s activities. Specific effects Pink Truffle comes on subtly, gradually lulling your mind and body into a state of total relaxation. This strain’s sativa side comes out strongly in its soothing mental effects — as your mind is transported to a higher plane from which your earthly worries lose their relevance, your body will sink into a deeply relaxed state, making pain and stress seem distant and unimportant.