EMERALD BAY - Biscotti Indica Tablets 20pk - 1000mg - Capsule


EMERALD BAY - Biscotti Indica Tablets 20pk - 1000mg - Capsule

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Decription Indica-dominant strain known for relaxation, potential benefits for anxiety, stress, depression, and chronic pain relief. May promote sleep due to the sedative effect. Individual effects vary; consult a healthcare professional. Strain dossier Named for its smooth flavor and even smoother effects, Biscotti is an indica beloved for its combination of sleep-inducing relaxation and ear-to-ear satisfaction. The grin on your face will be serene as Biscotti lulls you off to the land of nod… even in the middle of the day if you let it. A cross of Gelato #42 and a mysterious indica known only as “Florida OG,” Biscotti has shot to the top of charts around the nation as one of the most pleasant indicas that won’t get you paranoid. Applicable conditions Due to its special propensity to make your mind feel at ease, Biscotti is often chosen for general mental distress — whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD, or some other form of disharmony. Biscotti’s ability to help you sleep is overshadowed by unique cognitive benefits that you’ll want to remain awake to experience. Specific effects Biscotti has a hard-to-describe ability to smooth over the wrinkles of life, making you feel at home in the skin you’re in. It won’t rocket your mind to the stratosphere like a cerebral sativa, and it might not even be the world’s best strain for insomnia. What Biscotti does best is breed contentment — pure and simple enjoyment of the bare necessities of the moment.