SMOAKLAND BLACK - French Laundry - 14g - Flower

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French Laundry, now know as FKAFL, is a hybrid weed strain bred by Maven Genetics and released in 2022 that combines the genetics of The Soap x Maven’s proprietary L.A. Rouge. The strain has the sharp aroma of clean clothes mixed with pine, citrus and even cheese notes, and buds that grow in spade-like formation in shades of deep purple and hunter green under clusters of white calyxes and orange hairs. French Laundry gives your brain a wash, with a calming but perky euphoria for recreational consumers and medical patients seeking help with stress. French Laundry has won multiple accolades, including top honors at the 2023 Farmers Cup, Best Looking and Most Unique at the 2023 California Zalympix, and fourth place for indoor flower at the 2023 Emerald Cup.