EMERALD BAY - Lemon Cherry Gelato Hybrid Tablets 20pk - 1000mg - Capsule

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Decription With its well-balanced hybrid genetics, Lemon Cherry Gelato possesses the ability to melt away the tensions of the everyday world. Its cannabinoid blend lends itself to a range of therapeutic applications, offering relief from anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain. It’s a breath of fresh air for those seeking a natural remedy without the heaviness of traditional pharmaceuticals. But there’s more to this strain than mere relief; it offers a sense of well-being and inner tranquility that elevates the soul. Its euphoric properties invite creative exploration and inspire a sense of wonder, making it an ideal choice for artists and thinkers in need of inspiration. Picture yourself nestled on a sun-drenched terrace, a gentle breeze caressing your skin, as you sip on a citrus-infused cocktail. This strain is the perfect accompaniment to such a moment, enhancing the flavors and lifting your spirits to the skies. For those with an adventurous spirit, a leisurely hike or an afternoon by the beach is transformed into a sensory feast. Strain dossier Despite sharing a famous name, Lemon Cherry Gelato is an entirely new strain inspired by the delicious, frozen Italian dish — it isn’t an offshoot of the prolific Gelato family even though it’s also related to Girl Scout Cookies. Though it has its fair share of cerebral and uplifting attributes, this hybrid falls somewhat more toward the relaxing end of the spectrum, providing soporific effects that are often best enjoyed in the evening hours. Applicable conditions A cross of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato is closer to the “GSC source” than many of its fellow family members. Just as GSC deftly balances the uplifting aspects of cannabis with deep relaxation, Lemon Cherry Gelato also is slightly uplifting — its Sunset Sherbet lineage, however, pulls the strain deeper into the indica side of the spectrum. Those who battle pain or anxiety that results in insomnia at night will gladly turn to Lemon Cherry Gelato for help getting to sleep. This strain will prove to be highly relaxing, in fact, no matter when you use it. Specific effects Expect Lemon Cherry Gelato to mainly provide bodily relaxation and relief from pain while also subtly bending and warping your perception until your emotions rearrange into a more comfortable configuration. As Lemon Cherry Gelato lulls you into the steady, pulsating rhythm pounding deep underneath your conscious mind, you’ll feel bodily concerns slip away, melting seamlessly into deep, dreamless sleep when used at night. During the day, Lemon Cherry Gelato might induce a nap, or it could simply lead you to stare out the window for an hour, remarking internally on the beauty of nature.