FLIGHT BITES - Mango Tajin Rosin Gummies - 100mg - Edible


FLIGHT BITES - Mango Tajin Rosin Gummies - 100mg - Edible

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A mango gummy made with real fruit ,then tossed in tajin and coated in chamoy for a tangy and sweet flavor. are infused with Lemon Cherry Gelato Live Hash Rosin Full Spectrum Oil. "Take a Bite. Catch a Flight" (10mg THC per serving, 100mg THC per bag) Powered by The Grow Circle, The Gummy Co. has established a reputation for quality award winning products made from only the finest single sourced cannabis and ingredients. Our handcrafted artisanal Flight Bites are strain specific and infused with our solventless, ice water hash rosin. The Full Spectrum oil carries all of the terpenes and other cannabinoids that distillate edibles cannot, supplying the consumer with the "entourage effect". Bred, Grown, Extracted, and Produced in -house, we have control of every step of the process to ensure our quality standards are met.