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PLUG PLAY - Carrot Cake - 1g - Vape

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Introducing the Exotic Carrot Cake PLUG™ from PLUGPLAY™, a unique, limited-edition strain crafted in an exclusive collaboration with Carrots by Anwar Carrots™. This creation celebrates the fusion of Anwar's artistic vision with the classic terpene profiles from PLUGPLAY™. In this collaboration, the Carrot Cake strain presents a distinctive hybrid experience that merges the potent terpene profiles of its namesake with the calming benefits of cannabis. Accompanied with the limited edition, Carrots PLAY™️ battery, each puff delivers a hint of spice with a creamy finish, alongside a warm, relaxing body high and a mood-enhancing mental uplift. Perfect for relaxation, this product encapsulates the art of taste and design, promising a memorable experience for every user.