CANNABIOTIX - Grape Gasby Live Resin - 0.5g - Vape image 1


CANNABIOTIX - Grape Gasby Live Resin - 0.5g - Vape

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An elite cross between our award-winning Kush Mountains and the original Blueberry, this unparalleled Indica embodies a heavy dose of candy & berry when it comes to its aroma and flavor. Adding an ideal touch of fuel from the Kush Mountains, this gassy & fruity profile with smacking grape undertones leaves the palette fully satisfied. Visually, its nug structure largely pulls from the Blueberry with its plump, dense flowers but Kush Mountains helps make it less leafy, and both parents attribute to the beautiful array of purple and violet coloring. This soothing, sedating, and euphoric high is perfect before bed, and can lead to an elevated state of being.