Price: $600 (Out-the-Door)

The TSCC Ice Box is a mini fridge loaded with some of the highest-quality concentrates at Chronic. What comes with the ice box?

  • 710 Labs: Grease Bucket #9 Water Hash 1g
  • 710 Labs: Orange Cream x Banana Punch Persy Rosin 1g
  • Hash & Flower: Lemon Gogi Sour Diesel Rosin 1g
  • Papa's Select: Live Rosin 1g
  • Kalya x Alien Labs: Live Rosin 1g
  • REZN: Crescendo Fresh-Pressed Rosin 1g
  • Level: Hash Tabs Indica Hashtag 250mg
  • Chronic Dab Mat
  • Chronic Dab Tool
  • Gold "Top Shelf Chronic Club" Long Sleeve