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At Chronic Long Beach, our unwavering commitment is to offer the finest and most secure alternatives to conventional pharmaceutical drugs. In a warm, inviting, and secure atmosphere, we strive to elevate the quality of life for both our valued members and the community we serve.

Leading the Way in Cannabis Advocacy and Quality Care

Since 2010, Chronic LB has been at the forefront of cannabis advocacy and services in Long Beach. As a proud founding member of the Long Beach Collective Association, we played a pivotal role in supporting Measure MM, revolutionizing cannabis accessibility in Long Beach. Our commitment extends beyond just offering quality cannabis products; we're dedicated to promoting safe and responsible cannabis use. Experience the difference at Chronic LB, where advocacy meets quality cannabis care.

Our Beginnings and Commitment

Established in 2010, Chronic Long Beach stands proudly as one of the first medical cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach. Despite facing challenges like the Summary Pak v. The Superior Court verdict that mandated our temporary closure in 2012, our unwavering commitment towards promoting legal cannabis access pushed us to be at the forefront of the advocacy for safe cannabis consumption.

Advocacy and Community Involvement

Our deep-rooted love for cannabis and the Long Beach community propelled us to become founding members of the Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA). Our efforts with LBCA are geared towards advocating for responsible cannabis use, fair policy-making, and reduced cannabis taxation.

Beyond a Dispensary

At Chronic Long Beach, we are more than just a dispensary. Our dedication extends to providing exceptional customer service in a welcoming atmosphere. Every visitor is met with our cannabis consultants, ensuring a personalized and informative shopping journey. We believe in fostering a bond of trust and safety with our customers. By hiring from within the Long Beach community, we strengthen our ties and commitment to local support and growth.




Dedicated to enhancing life quality, we offer premium legal cannabis products in a secure and welcoming environment. Catering to both newcomers and seasoned cannabis connoisseurs, our diverse range addresses various pain relief needs

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